Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On my easel...

The current large piece on my easel. It started with the piece (top left) I did in January for the 2011 Project. I've done some more postcard deconstructions since then. Now the biggest postcard piece (so far). It will be 36"x48" (92cm x 122cm)
I have thousands of little pieces cut (approximately 5,500 will be needed). Now it's time to get gluin'....
June 30 - Now I can see the "light at the end of the tunnel"

July 8 - "American Adventure" is finished. Addiitional images can be seen on my website.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Heroes with Bling

The current show at the Market Street Gallery promises to be the highlight of the Pride-related exhibits happening this month. The theme is Heroes with Bling. It’s a showcase of local glamour featuring portraits of some of our preeminent divas, drag queens and faux drag queens. The show includes stunning photography from Jose A Guzman Colon and Marianne Larochelle. The mosaic portraits by artist Michael J. Kruzich are Fabulous (that’s Fabulous with a capital “F”). The award-winning portrait of Miss Anita Cocktail (aka Leanne Borghesi) is a personal favorite (see left). The portrait of Sylvester is best described as an icon. It needs to be acquired by the City and given a permanent home in a prominent space. Perhaps the Ceremonial Rotunda at the top of the steps in City Hall. Sylvester could keep Harvey Milk company.

The gallery is located at 1554 Market between Van Ness and Franklin. Check their website for details. The show continues until June 29.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

San Francisco Sidewalks

San Francisco is a beautiful city, which I hate to admit, has embarrassingly filthy streets. There is the litter, the flotsam of take-away restaurant menus and the assortment of abandoned belongings that includes everything from clothing and shoes to computers to furniture. Amidst the mess one can often find some really cool art.

It may not be legal and the quality varies, but there is often some nice work stenciled on my neighborhood sidewalks. Most of it is temporary. It rarely lasts an entire year. Because of its temporary and anonymous nature, I started to photograph pieces I like a few years back. There are some I wish I had photographed years back. Occasionally we get some cheesy ad agency’s attempt at guerilla marketing (you can see through most of those) and I ignore anything with a .com in the image. Above is a selection of some of my favorites.