Monday, June 20, 2022

Mail Art Book #1

There is a finite amount of space in my archive boxes, but I strive to save all the mail art I receive.  Many artists include various ephemera, stickers, and other materials with their mail art.  Things I might use in pieces I create myself.  Many of the envelopes are works of art in themselves.   Starting in January 2020 I began to use much of this material for a new artist book.  I repurposed a large coffee table book that cost a dollar at a library sale of donated and books.   Two and a half years later, the 140 pages are all filled up.   Here are some photos of the completed book of mail art.
Soon I will start filling the next book.


  1. It is a very creative way to present what is sent to you. And much more fun than a average coffee table book.

  2. Such a cleverly creative use of so much happy mail. I love it!

  3. What everyone commented before me. I love this!