Thursday, March 16, 2023

Mail Art, Zines and More

Here is some of the latest mail art that has arrived in San Francisco including a Mardi Gras cat along with some of the zines I receive in the mail.   You can get a detailed look at The Runner Postcard  at the link.   As well as Circulaire 132  at this link.  Barbara Stasiowski also proves you can make a palette postcard and even sent that in the mail.  The mail art shown here includes:
  1. Jon Foster – North Carolina 
  2. Carolyn Oord (aka Kerosene) – Canada
  3. Andrea Grimes – California 
  4. Pier Roberto Bassi – Italy
  5. Barbara Stasiowski – California 
  6. Kathy Barnett – Missouri
  7. R.F. Côté — Canada
  8. William Mellott – Taiwan 
  9. Bonniediva – Illinois 

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