Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Artist Stamps from Sally Wassink

I recently received some groovy artist stamps from  Sally Wassink.  Part of an on-going collaboration with the  Portland Stamp Company (check out more on their site).

Friday, September 14, 2018

Play Money


You never know what you’ll find in a dollar store, especially if it is a 25 Pesos store in Mexico.  Big stacks of Mexican play money was one of my best discoveries in 2017 — it immediately was incorporated into some mail art I sent from Mexico.  I came home and began sharing the play pesos with other artists for their own mail art.  This summer I sent a new batch of Meximail and included a few faux pesos in each envelope.
What a great surprise when William Mellott incorporated some of the play money and sent it back.  This gets me thinking, I need to start including American play money when I send mail art off to other countries. I hope other artists start sending me some play money from their countries too. Yen, Krona, Pounds, Australian Dollars, I want it all.  And now, off to find a dollar store….

Abstract Art at Wilder Ranch?

I love old farm buildings.  I often feel compelled to grab the camera just for the shapes which remind of me geometric abstract art.  I am sure, by now, some art history student has written a PhD thesis on the Influence of Agricultural Architecture on Abstract Art.  Does Piet Mondrian’s early workoffer us a clue?  Now and then I feel the need to paint one of the buildings I photograph.  This rather straightforward painting is of the old granary at Wilder Ranch State Park near Santa Cruz.

Monday, September 10, 2018

T is for Tofu

Hans Hess has a call for art for letter-themed mail art for an upcoming exhibit.  I have chosen to go for the letter T. 😀

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Due Date

Recently I acquired  a pile of old due date cards that used to be in the back of library books.  The cards are obsolete.  Most of the books they were once found in have since been decommissioned.  There are date stamps on the some of the cards going back to the 1930s.  Fast forwarding to 2018, I ignored the author, the actual book itself and just took the title.  With the cards I have started adding little paintings that imagine a current book based on a past title.  These are a few of the new series.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Library Recycling

Start with a cover that is all that remains of old disintegrating book, next take some obsolete due date cards.  The results are a large postcard on the way to Spokane for a library-themed mail art call.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Florida Hijinks

What to do with a bunch of old instamatic photos from the 1970s. Instamatics were popular point-and-shoot cameras that used square format, 126 film in easy to install cartridges.  My own first camera was an instamatic.  The low quality of the camera and the cheap film has left us with faded snapshots 40 years later.  
Technically these are not “found photos” as I know the source. I ended up with a stack of some of my grandmother’s photos albums.  Albums filled with snapshots from Florida vacations with her friends and coworkers.  My grandmother had a successful careeras a department store buyer and these pictures were taken on well-deserved vacations.  Look closely, she is in some of the shots.  There is a lot of drinking, smoking, and partying going on as well as fishing and lying in the sun.
Because the photos are not family photos, they had no personal, sentimental value for me.  Get out the scissors, reach for the glue!  Here are some of the originals now repurposed in a new series of photo collages.