Saturday, February 28, 2015

Four Months of Tickets

Here is the latest piece of ticket themed mail art I received, this ATC is titled Waiting for the Train and arrived from Amy Irwen in Minnesota.  This all started four months back when I found a roll of tickets on my street.  I sent out some tickets and ticket themese mail art.

Below is a recap of some of the ticket-themed mail art that I have received in response.  This is why I love mail art!
  1. Susanna Lakner
  2. RF Côté
  3. Angela Behrendt
  4. Jennifer Utter
  5. Virgo Samara
  6. Angela Behrendt
  7. Pamela Gerard
  8. Fleur Helsingor
  9. Marina Salmoso

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Red Rothkollages

Round two of the Rothkollages, this is a series of 8 red-themed one went out in this week’s mail.  All made when I cut and repurposed my 2014 Mark Rothko calendar.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Cats, Goats and Time

Always good to find a full post office box, these were some of the pieces waiting for me on Saturday:
  1. Via Correo Gato from Puerto Rico a catchy envelope and two pieces form Piro Rios.  Cats rule the internaet and mail art.
  2. Amy Irwen sent a “time warp” from Minnesota.
  3. R.F. Côté sent a nice collage from Québec.
  4. A card with a skull (I didn’t see at first) from Carolyn Oord in Québec with a mountain goat postage stamp on the other side.
  5. And speaking of goats, as in Year of the Goat (or Ram if you insist), Chinese New Year greetings from Barbara Stasiowski.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Hiding Postcards in Books

In 2013 I started sending out mail art that was intended for the recipients to hide the art in a book.   A new set of ten pieces going out today.  Paintings of bookcases on unused franked postcards form the 1980s.  I needed to augment the original postage with additional stamps.  In this case some even older unused stamps.  If you receive a piece and hide it, years from now it will be a bit confusing to the finder as it will have postage from different decades.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

When it rains it pours....

After a very rainy weekend I found my P.O. Box was flooded with some good stuff on Monday, including these pieces of mail art:
  1. Barbara Stasiowski’s beautiful, textural piece looks like it’s still wet, but no worries, it came through the mail just fine.
  2. Dori Singh’s rather racy valentine made me smile and also think of those sexy mud flaps some truckers have on their rigs. 
  3. Angela Behrendt’s used one of the tickets I sent last year on the envelope and the piece inside.
  4. E. Coles sent another piece and she’s been up to Birmingham and saved the train tickets for me (now that’s a valentine!).
  5. I get more valentines now that I do mail art than I ever did.  Thanks to Katerina Nikoltou for sending this one all the way from Greece.
  6. Gregg Biggs sent this amazing little façade with button door. 
  7. More grooviness form Serse Luigetti in Italy – I am building up quite a collection of his prints.
  8. And finally, Punkie Ebert sent a tell tale, thumping valentine from up in Marin.

Thank you everyone, more mail art will be going out soon from San Francisco.