Monday, February 23, 2015

Cats, Goats and Time

Always good to find a full post office box, these were some of the pieces waiting for me on Saturday:
  1. Via Correo Gato from Puerto Rico a catchy envelope and two pieces form Piro Rios.  Cats rule the internaet and mail art.
  2. Amy Irwen sent a “time warp” from Minnesota.
  3. R.F. Côté sent a nice collage from Québec.
  4. A card with a skull (I didn’t see at first) from Carolyn Oord in Québec with a mountain goat postage stamp on the other side.
  5. And speaking of goats, as in Year of the Goat (or Ram if you insist), Chinese New Year greetings from Barbara Stasiowski.

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