Sunday, June 23, 2019

Isla del Torso

Traveling can be a break —a break from our normal routines and habits.  For an artist, it can also mean going in a different direction and trying out some new things.  Puerto Vallarta has become a place I escape to a few times a year.  From my first visit I recognized an affinity for Cape Cod where I grew up.  Tropical Mexico or coastal New England, resorts towns have much in common at their core. Unsurprisingly, I prefer the quieter off-season, which in Puerto Vallarta is summer.  

I just returned after a few weeks of low-key tropical fun.  The world of bars, clubs, go-go boys and drag shows has little appeal for me. Give me a beer and plate of tacos, and I am happy.  That said, the alluring advertising is everywhere.  And from that I took my inspiration.  Filling a sketchbook with images of the imaginary resort Isla del Torso (Torso Island).   A tropical paradise of tanned landscapes, condo towers, the warm seas and UFOs that sparkle like a drag queen’s gown.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Places to visit and things to see...


This is what happens when you obsessively spend a few days drawing a map of an imaginary city.  The next step is to cut up the map into 4”x6” postcards and rubber stamp some letters marking the various imaginary landmarks and attractions.  Twenty of these are on the way in the mail.  The recipients can plan trips to the Hotel Rosa Lux, the Ministry of Fromage and the Museum of Postmarks among the many sites noted on the maps.