Thursday, April 13, 2017

ATCs in the Mail

The best part of sending out Artist Trading Cards is the trading.  And after sending our a round of National Park-themed ATCs recently, I am started to receive more in return.
This first batch includes ones from:
  1. William Mellott
  2. Cuan Miles
  3. Fleur Helsingor

And now it is time to get back to the new series I am working on, stay tuned…..

Incoming Mail Art - April

There has been a steady flow of mail art arriving as well as a good deal out going in the past few weeks.  There have been artists stamps, ATCs (more later) and these that are just a sample of some recent arrivals:
  1. Meral Agar sent this Modigliani-inspired piece form Istanbul.
  2. A new collage piece from Jennifer Utter.
  3. Gina Visione is still celebrating the Lunar New Year (nothing wring with that).
  4. Another altered postcard from Pamela Gerard.  This time Burgundy.
  5. A new series from Carolyn Oord (aka Kerosone) in Quebec — Cheese Cloth.
  6. Gregg Biggs is sending out Springtime for Elvis mail art – I am not sure if that was the intended title.
  7. Julie Crossman is celebrating the springtime phases of the moon.
  8. A new pink piece from Dean Marks arrived from Paris.
  9. Two new sublime pieces from e. coles.  I now have this wonderful collection.
  10. More amazing work from Cuan Miles in South Africa.
Below are a sheet of artists stamps from C. Mehrl Bennett as well as large, printed sheet of rubber stamps from Ryosuke Cohen.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Celebrating Spring and a Wet Winter

Full Reservoirs, mixed media on board 12”x12”x1.5”

My newest mixed media “landscape” to celebrate the end of the drought.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The World of Googly Eyes

When you send mail art, a leap of faith is sometimes required.  When you answer a call for mail art with theme O Mundo Como Você Vê (The World as You See) and you decide to make a piece that is covered in googly eyes and send it as a postcard — you can only hope that it makes it.  The piece was weighed, the postage was calculated, fingers are crossed and it is on the way.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Keeping an Open Mind to Meissen

Last week I had a day trip up to Sacramento that included the Crocker Museum.  Currently most of the special exhibits are Japan-focused, including two shows of contemporary ceramics. Japanamerica — Points of Contact explores the role and influence Japanese art on the United States through a century of international expos and world’s fairs. There is also an exhibit with the photography of Ansel Adams from the Japanese-American internment camp at Manzanar.  They are beautiful and stunning photos from an ugly, sad and shameful chapter in American History.
There was one exhibit that I knew I did not need to see.  Forbidden Fruit – Chris Antemann at Meissen.  Sure, as an artist I can appreciate the craftsmanship.  But from my point of view, Meissen porcelain is at the high end of the spectrum of old lady knick-knacks.  Starting at the bottom with the offerings of the Lillian Vernon catalog, to Hummel, to the Franklin Mint to museum-worthy Meissen.  It is one big yawn.
As I passed by the sun filled room, I was like, okay, sure, I might as well have a look….
I love them.  Technically the sculptor Chris Antemann has created beautiful work.  At a quick glance yeah, Meissen — at second glance, what, wait a minute….   They are so naughty.  I can’t resist saying it, but she put the bone back in bone china. 
I was tempted to camp out and wait for a few of the ladies-who-do-lunch to come and have a look and be all, well, titillated. 

The show is in Sacramento until June 25, 2017.  You can get a video preview here.