Monday, June 19, 2017

ATCs from Dame Mailarta

Dame Mailarta (aka Dale Roberts) sent an amazing envelope of ATCs from Canada this month.  Earlier this year, I sent up a set of my own self-portrait ATCs to Dame’s Portrait Palace.  What came back in return is fabulous!  The envelope included a book featuring the self-portrait ATCs of 12 other artists, myself included.  Be sure to check out the portrait blog for more.

Glad Midsommar a Swedish-themed Artist Stamp

When the San Francisco Correspondence Co-Op meets to talk, demo, do and plan all things mail art, we also have an artist stamp for each meeting.  Different artists take turns designing and preparing a stamp to share. This month was my turn and we were commemorating our sixth anniversary.  Because the Swedish Midsommar (midsummer/solstice) holiday was also coming up, I went for a Swedish theme and created a pair of summery stamps celebrating both the holiday and our group’s anniversary.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Locke, California

Locke, acrylic on paper, 12”x9”
The small town of Locke, California is now a National Historic District with a fascinating history.  Located in the Sacramento Delta, the town was settled in 1915 by Chinese immigrants and Chinese-Americans at a time when discriminatory California law did not allow Asians to own land.  The original land was leased from George Locke.  More about the town’s history can be found here.

I have visited Locke a few times and it demands to be photographed, and, as you can see by yesterday’s project, painted.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Paleta Pacífica

Bahía de Banderas
mixed media collagescape, 18”x6”x1.5” on board

My latest collagescape is inspired by a very different Pacific Ocean.  The colors in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico are not the ocean colors of the cold Pacific in Northern California.  It is a piece of art to look at when I want to warm up in a chilly San Francisco summer. 

Collagescapes are a series where I combine landscape painting and collage.   I start by painting paper with areas of color representing the palette of a specific place. Next I cut up the painting into hundreds of small pieces.  The final step is to randomize the pieces and then reassemble them.  Collagescapes are both landscape paintings and collages. They may appear abstract, but the intent is to retain the color palette of the places they represent.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

ATCs of Palette and Place

Yesterday’s outgoing mail included my latest series ATCs.  In this series, the Collagescape idea that I began with in 2014 takes another direction.  There are eight different designs in the series.  Each design shows different place that has been reduced to four individual colors.  The colors are used to represent a certain place and, in some cases, a time of the year.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Eibrot - Egg Sandwiches in Osnabrück

I will not get to make it to Germany to see the Eibrot Mail Art show, but a friend sent me some photos and it’s good to know my own Eibrotpostkarte made it.  The show is up until July 2nd – more photos and details here.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Colorburst Collage

California’s wet, wet winter and a super bloom spring has inspired a much brighter palette.  Even the paper I put down to protect my studio table was looking good.  After cutting it up and collaging the scraps, this colorful collage is the result.

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