Thursday, December 21, 2017

December Mail

My holiday cards have all been sent on their way and it’s time to show off some of the mail art that I have been receiving.  Among the Christmas cards and other goodies here are some of the latest arrivals:
  1. R.F. Côté postcard features what I assume is some wintery Canadian yoga?
  2. Dori Singh sent a hand-stitched holiday card.
  3. Autumnal greetings arrived from Katerina Nikoltsou in Greece.
  4. Margarete Miller repurposed a Pantone postcard.
  5. Polaroid-themed mail art from Melissa Wand.
  6. Hungarian bicycle dudes from Torma Cauli.
  7. Jane Gravois sent a collaged holiday greeting.
  8. Fleur Helsingor’s latest piece references the recycled art at the Albany Bulb.
  9. Robin Sparrow sent an amazing, hand-made, pop-up book/Christmas card.  I think it is safe to say she wins the holiday card prize for 2017.
  10. And finally, another groovy envelope piece from Marina Salmaso.

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