Thursday, January 15, 2015


Years ago I used to save calendars with the idea you could re-use them in seven years or whenever the dates and days of the week lined up again in the future.  The old calendars got stacked up and never were actually reused – eventually they found their way to the recycling blue bin when I was purging junk.  Now it’s like a new years day ritual when the previous year’s calendar comes off the kitchen wall and goes into the recycling. 

This year I took a different approach with those 12 Mark Rothko images I enjoyed during 2014.  Why recycle when you can repurpose?  Cut, cut, glue, glue and you have a little series of 15 handmade Rothko collage postcards to send out in today’s mail or, as I prefer to call them, Rothkollages. 

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  1. Nice! And my 2014 calendar is just sitting here waiting to be re-purposed....