Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The first mail art is in for 2015

Mail art has been arriving and starting off 2015.  A few last minute holiday cards (I enjoy them just as much, even when they arrive in January), some recycling and a few materials I may repurpose myself.  Some of the highlights include:
  1. Robin Sparrow’s 3D Christmas card from New Zealand.
  2. R.F. Côté repurposed my own Christmas card into a postcard that made be laugh out loud when I pulled it from the Post Office box.
  3. The photo doesn’t do Torma Cauli’s piece justice.  It’s like a piece of handmade paper that is still “raw” with the old bits of newspaper it was made from.  It’s more like handmade paper meets collage.
  4. Skooter Fein sent a print postcard with a handwritten message on the back: “Words powerful when spoken and also do not forget the wisdom of silence.”
  5. E. Coles sent me a ticket to repurpose and “Pent Up” a small, handmade book with a poetic tale collaged with phrases of found text.
  6. And Lybomyr Tymkiv sends a printed postcard of one his paintings and some ephemera that I know I will find a purpose for.

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