Monday, April 8, 2013

Hide Some Art in a Book

In December 2010 I did a project inspired by the small bits of ephemera one comes across hidden in old books.  I decided to make some little pieces of art, enclose them in glassine envelopes, add instructions to hide each piece in a book and then mail them all out to different individuals.  Details of the original project can be found in this earlier blog post. 

I have always wanted to expand the project and get other artists involved.  This weekend I worked with my friends at San Francisco’s Correspondence Co-op to create hundreds of more pieces of art, all to be sent out and hidden in books by their recipients.  Pamela Gerard’s blog has more photos and details of the fun we had on Saturday.

Above are shown some of my pieces, MUNI-inspired and full of lines representing the wires that wrap and connect our City.  Below you can see us all working on our pieces, each one was stamped on the back with the message: “Hide some art in a book.”  I stuffed and sealed my envelopes before addressing them.  100 pieces of art are on the way to the post office, but I am not sure who will be receiving which piece.

Remember, if you get some art, just hide it in a book and forget it’s there.  Maybe make some art yourself and send it on to friends.  If you would like a copy of the set of instructions sent out with each piece, you can find the PDF here.  And, yes, I’d be happy to hide a small piece of your art in one of my books too.


  1. That's a great idea. It has happened to me in the past where I've used the insides of books to flatten pieces of art that have become a little damaged. I forget about it and only discover it when opening the book. I may have a go at this and send a few in the post.

  2. Tofu -- Nice post. i posted about the project too....the word is getting out....