Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Art on Valencia Street

The first art installation was the man walking up the street balancing a tray on his head filled with bobblehead dogs. The dogs were for sale all nodding as the man walked up street on a sunny 90° day. Alas, I did not have the camera.

A stop at Michael Rosenthal lead to the discovery of Amy Casey. Is Post-Burchfield Great Lakes School a recognized genre? If you know the urban landscape of Great Lakes cities, you'll immediately recognize it in her work. Casey has managed to capture a world where industry has been dying for decades and communities have seen tough times for over 40 years without making it look grim and depressing.

Further down the street at Artzone 461 two new shows opened today. Susan Danis' work is comprised of old socks, hair, dentures and old toys. At first glance it's all very cheerful and colorful reminiscent of last year's Soundsuits show by Nick Cave at Yerba Buena. But look a little closer, there a harder edge behind the feather boas.

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