Friday, September 10, 2010

The Trouble with Fort Gay

In case you missed the story earlier this week, an online gamer had his account suspended by Microsoft because they thought he was being offensive when he listed where he lived in his profile. He lives in Fort Gay, West Virginia. When he contacted Microsoft he was unable to convince tech support to just google the town's zip code and see Fort Gay was a real place.

Microsoft has since admitted their mistake, but this brings up a bigger issue. It is shocking how pervasive the gay agenda has worked its way into place names all over America. I made a quick little collage, couldn't resist using extra glitter and found places from Wanker's Corner, Oregon to Fort Dick, California onto the Big Wood River in Larry Craig's Idaho. Just what goes on at the Flaming Gorge in Wyoming? Gay Hill, Texas, Gay, Michigan, Gay, North Carolina, Gays, Illinois and Gay Mills, Wisconsin. I've never been to Bruceville, Indiana, but safe to say they're light in the loafers in that town. And not far from Fort Gay, West Virginia there is Pounding Mill in Virginia and the Pretty Boy Reservoir in Maryland. It's no surprise in the shamefully shaped Florida there is a town called Reddick.

When will the teabaggers do something about this and get rid of all these offensive names? Perhaps they can rename all these salacious towns with names like Reaganville, Reagantown, etc.? At least our children are safe for the moment, as nothing even remotely resembling geography is taught in American schools.

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  1. Cute piece, Tofu! --both the map collage, and the editorial.

    I'd like to order a tee-shirt with the collage printed on it, please. ;-]