Monday, March 14, 2011

Postcards Deconstructed

Reno Deconstructed (mixed media on canvas, 10"x10")

I have been working with postcards and postcard-inspired art for many years. I love using them in collages, I love sending postcards and I often create 4”x6” postcard size art. In 2009 I spent the summer making my own handmade postcard booklets. The work was inspired by vintage, souvenir postcard booklets. Each booklet I created, was made up of 12 individual small paintings, they were then assembled into handmade books.

The latest series includes doing to postcards what I usually do with maps — cutting them up and reconfiguring them. So far I have been using the older ones that are reproductions of paintings rather than photographs. The finished pieces retain a painterly look though they are collages. The piece shown is Reno Decosntrcuted (10"x10") A few more can be seen on website.

Have you recently received one of my postcards? If not, go my website and send me an email with your address and you’ll get a little treat in the mail.

This piece along with other deconstructed pieces is available for sale.

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