Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Fantastic Response

About six weeks I put out a call for postcards and announced that my first piece for 2012 would be made up of all the postcards I received by the end of the year. I have received a fantastic response — new cards, antique cards and a number of really creative ones from artists all around the world.
I have been finding some of the artists who sent me cards online. Here are some of the links:
  • I received a few cars from New Zealand including the artist Erin Fae.
  • Ann Tracy sent a card from Maine.
  • Karen Wood is A Southern California artist who’s cool postcards I first saw on tumblr.
  • Chris Day sent me a card from exotic Kentucky.
  • Serse Luigetti sent me some great cards from Italy. You can see a video of his work here.
  • The Spanish artist Pedro Bericat sent me a card with what might be squished chorizo embedded in the plastic. How did that ever get though customs? I am glad it did.
  • And sometimes the cards are more anonymous. I can’t make out the riding, or there is just a first name, like an artist named Roberto who sent beautiful card from Puerto Rico.
I have been sorting through all the postcards and starting to think how I am going to incorporate them in a piece. I also have been reorganize my studio and am just about ready to get out the glue and put things under the knife. In the meantime, you can still send a postcard to:
PO Box 170681
San Francisco, CA 94117 USA.

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