Thursday, February 2, 2012

In the Mail

In the Mail, mixed media on canvas, 36”x24”

Two months ago I put out a call for postcards to make the first piece for 2012. I had a fantastic response and the first piece of the year is now complete.

Nearly 100 people sent me postcards and many of you sent more than one and, in a few cases, a large horde. At some point I incorporated postcards from all the individuals who sent them. Quite a few artists sent me printed postcards with their work, and those were included as well. Then there was the handful of amazing, handmade postcards I received from a few artists. How could I cut these up? I didn’t want to cut them, but I wanted to use them. For those cards I made color copies and added them to the piece. And I keep finding more postcards in my post office box. Keep sending them! The cards will turn up in various pieces during the coming months. A big Thank You to everyone who helped make this piece possible!

A detail image is below.

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