Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 - A Year of Mail

Back in November 2011 I put out a call for postcards.  I wanted to use everything I received to make the first piece for 2012.  The only problem was that some were too good to cut up.  I used them by making color copies and cutting them up.  But that was the not the end of it.  I continued to get more mail art.  I kept sending pieces out, and more came back.  Then I started the Millennia Mail Art Project.  About 200 starter pieces were sent out with one completed layer, each piece needed an additional 4-5 layers added.  They are still in circulation and so far 34 completed pieced have made it back.  Another on going series is the Geo Graphic Mail Art Project – art postcards modified with maps, stamps and more.  There are more projects on the horizon for 2013.  The image above just shows some of the amazing work I received in 2012.   Unfortunately I have not efficiently scanned and posted each individual piece, put some of the contributing artists shown above include:

If you want to get on my list for future mail art, send me something cool to:

P.O. Box 170681
San Francisco, CA 94117 USA

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