Friday, February 15, 2013

Variations on a barcode Op. 84

I receive some great artwork in the mail.  Yesterday something truly amazing was waiting for me in my PO Box.  Dean Marks sent me Variations on a barcode Op. 84 from France. First off, that it arrived without an envelope and made it in all it’s three-dimensional, non-standard size glory from France in under 10 days is an accomplishment in itself.  Like myself, Dean understands the need to preserve ephemera that may not be around much longer.   Particularly by incorporating it into art.  On the back of the card he states:
“It seems clear to me now that RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) will replace barcodes in the near future.  At first I thought to start a campaign to save this endangered species.  But then again, maybe we should let it become extinct.  Besides, it will always have its place in Art.”

And, most importantly of all, it just looks really, really cool!

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