Friday, May 10, 2013

A little bit of hoarding — a lot of art

As individuals, there are the things we save for some reason or other.  My list of collectibles includes national park brochures.  The ones they hand out as you drive up to the gates and pay or show your parks pass.  Map, graphics, black bar with white lettering – any national park visitor knows what I mean.  I have a stack dating back 20 years.  And when I am planning a trip, I go through them and see which ones I need to take along.  But of course I always pick up fresh copies and have been known to grab an extra one or two at the visitor center as well.

I was drawn to park brochures long before I started repurposing them for art.  Aesthetically they are good examples of graphic design, informative and, well of course, they have maps.  I have always wondered why the Parks Service has never consolidated them into one book.  This is the national parks guide I want.

Below is a piece made from national park brochures.

Map and Guide, mixed media on canvas, 24”x24, 2012

The original is still available as well as prints, cards, laptop and iPhone cases, etc. from Society 6.

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