Friday, April 11, 2014

March Mailness

Just a few of the goodies that arrived in the post office box recently:
  1. One of the “Poesia” pieces sent to me by Eduardo Cardoso in Portugal.
  2. A card that is like a condensed history of Canadian postage arrived from Kerosene in Qu├ębec.
  3. Diane Keys sent this abstract card from Illinois.
  4. Another nice piece form E. Coles in the U.K.
  5. And finally, Mark Dean’s Electronic Beer Mat (both sides shown) arrived from France.  I amazed when pieces like this get through the mail intact. 

I’ve been swamped (in a good way) with projects including commissions.  I need to get back to all these artists and send out some more mail art myself.

And a reminder, the mail art show Mail/Art/Book is up until April 27th.  You have a few more weeks to check it out.

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