Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Full Post Office Box

When you are too busy to get to the post office for a while, the reward is a box jammed with good stuff – unlike at home where my mailbox was filled most every day in October with election mailers.  I definitely prefer mail art.  Here are some the highlights that start with responses to the Keep the Ticket pieces I sent out last month:
  1. Fleur Helsingor incorporated the tickets into a small handmade book.
  2. Marina Salmoso used the tickets for a big piece that also used Denmark’s Hans Wegner postage stamps.
  3. Angela Behrendt collaged the tickets with some ghosties on a postcard – yes, Halloween is spreading in Germany.
  4. Mark Dean is adding paint to card with what looks like fashion ghosts from France.
  5. DK (Diane Keys) sent a piece with a metal ring attached that shows you can get amazing things through the mail without using an envelope.
  6. Pamela Gerard sent an envelope with handmade cards including some things for one of my favorite holidays – Día de los Muertos.  
  7. Samhain Saluations arrived from Maureen Forys.
  8. Adrienne Mason  sent a card from Canada that includes the new Canadian Halloween Postage Stamps (see here). 
Thanks for all the mail and more will be going out from San Francisco later this month.

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