Friday, April 24, 2015

Poetic Mail and more…

It’s been a busy month sending out mail art and seeing more come in.  Some of the highlights include:

  1. E. Coles sent a poetic piece that asks: “No one can say because neither of you could. She is tough underneath.”  I just want to know how she knew my spatula is orange?
  2. R.F. Côté says “Oui” and I love those Canadian stamps.
  3. Stanislav (aka Virgo) sent a collage piece (front and back shown) that is titled “Ukraine 14-15.”  I also love the colorful envelope and didn’t notice the stamps at first feature the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez.
  4. The piece from Torma Cauli featured scraps of Hungarian and a Year of the Goat postage stamp. 
  5. Nico van Hoorn’s red x postcard arrived – it felt like good timing as it complements my own Transcontinental Arrow series.
  6. Send some mail art to May Mail Art in Gunnison, Colorado and see what you get back.
  7. Suus in Mokum knows I love grids and patterns, yes, more grids and patterns.
  8. And speaking of grids, Fleur Helsingor latest piece might very well be my favorite so far.  It is an image of sidewalk grids with a few little squares of metallic paper (the scan doesn’t do it justice).
  9. Finally, is it mail art or an envelope full of poetry? Well certainly poetic pieces from Eduardo Cardoso in Portugal.

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