Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Altered Reality of Picture Postcards

I have always been into postcards. I send them and enjoy receiving them.  Five years ago they started getting cut up and played a role in many pieces for the 2011 Project.  In 2012 I began using old postcards in my mixed media work in larger and larger pieces.  Postcards also lead me, accidentally, into the world of mail art (there is no going back — happily).  Last year, postcards were even the theme of a book I wrote.
Before you know it, I had an out-of-control pile of hundreds of postcards.  I like to start the year by organizing and sorting my art supplies.  With that in mind, I have gotten my remaining postcards all in order.
I had quite a few multiple copies of the same postcards.  Here is where the fun begins — cut, slice, glue, repeat.  During the last few weeks I have been sending out a new series of mail art (see above). In these picture postcards reality is seemingly reordered, a vortex appears in Birmingham, wormholes open up in redwood trees and time seems to be opening up. 

This little series is also a preview of the direction my new work is going in – it will all be for a show opening in October 2016.  Stay tuned…..

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