Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Solstice Mail Report

As the year winds down and we reach the Solstice (I am always more optimistic when the days start getting longer), it’s time to recap the latest mail art arrivals:
  1. Handmade Christmas mail art from Barbara Stasiowski.
  2. Melissa Wand’s Muiresque holiday card.
  3. A wintery moon from Kerosene (aka Carolyn Oord) in Qu├ębec that included a cool Christmas beaver in jaunty cap (Canada does Christmas stamps right).
  4. Repurposed Christmas cards from Jane Gravois make for good mail art.
  5. Mail art from Sugene Mine with some of my favorite, now vintage, postage stamps of all time.
  6. A Portland postcard from Julie at Eva Moon Press.
  7. Sasquatch Mail Art from the Cracker Jack Kid.

This January will be five years of sending and receiving mail art.  In 2017 I look forward to trying out some new ideas and seeing what all the artists I correspond with continue to create.

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