Friday, June 2, 2017

Paleta Pacífica

Bahía de Banderas
mixed media collagescape, 18”x6”x1.5” on board

My latest collagescape is inspired by a very different Pacific Ocean.  The colors in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico are not the ocean colors of the cold Pacific in Northern California.  It is a piece of art to look at when I want to warm up in a chilly San Francisco summer. 

Collagescapes are a series where I combine landscape painting and collage.   I start by painting paper with areas of color representing the palette of a specific place. Next I cut up the painting into hundreds of small pieces.  The final step is to randomize the pieces and then reassemble them.  Collagescapes are both landscape paintings and collages. They may appear abstract, but the intent is to retain the color palette of the places they represent.

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