Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Ecliptic Mail Art and more...

Every time I walk up to the post office in the Upper Haight, I am finding a full post office box.  And, I am not the only one being inspired by the recent solar eclipse.  Here are some of the recent arrivals:
  1. Julie C. has a rather avant garde take on the eclipse.
  2. Dori Singh has commemorated the eclipse as well.
  3. Philippe Charron has received one of my eclipse pieces, but it was much sunnier in France.
  4. The Crackerjack Kid sent all sorts of things in this rather mesmerizing envelope.
  5. A full envelope of things from Marina Salmaso included this latest mixed media piece.
  6. Ed Giecek sent an envelope including some big circles that I am sure to repurpose soon.
  7. I have seen some of Heather Ferguson’s sticker collages in person and was happy to receive one of my own.
  8. Taidgh Lynch boldly sends handmade bookmarks from Ireland.  No envelope, just what you see as a postcard.  Glad it made it through.
  9. An add-n-pass that had been through many hands now has a little more added to it and is on the way to Sacramento.
  10. Rani Goel sent and envelope of all sorts of goodies.
  11. Could you make Victorian ATCs?  I am not sure of that was Fleur Helsingor’s intention, but I do really like them.
  12. Gregg Biggs’ newest piece includes the snippet of a story where we learn that “Billy was fingering the old sea captain’s interesting collection.”

And finally, a card arrived featuring the latest additions to Connie Jean’s Squirrel Museum in Cocoa Beach.  I hope all is well at the museum after Irma came through.

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