Friday, March 16, 2018

Nautical Mail

I recently received some mail art from R.F. Côté that included a piece of an old nautical chart.  This motivated me to pull out some old, slightly mildewed nautical charts and to make some ATCs.  I am sending some back for and upcoming issue of Circulaire 132.  I also used some for a mail art call where the theme is watermarks.  That one is on the way to Germany. I was made some large pieces (i.e., 36” x 24”) about 10 years ago (see image).  It can be difficult to find old nautical charts.  For safety reasons, out of date charts are meant to be destroyed, lest they be used by mariners.  Back on Cape Cod, our neighbors included a typical New England curmudgeon. His wife secretly “disposed” of some of his horde by giving them to me for art purposes.

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