Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Critters, Crawlies and more in my Mailbox

Some of the recent mail art received in my P.O. Box including a nice handmade booklet, some ATCs, artist stamps, and a bit of Halloween fun that includes FrankenBeuys — a tribute to Joseph Beuys.  Here are the artists show here:
  1. Anna Hollings (New Zealand)
  2. Fleur Helsingor(California)
  3. Keith Chambers (California)
  4. Lubomyr Tymkiv (Ukraine)
  5. Sally Wassink(California)
  6. Jennifer Utter (California)
  7. Sergey Nenashev (Russia)
  8. Gregg Biggs (California)
  9. Pamela Gerard(California)
  10. Dori Singh (California)

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