Friday, November 23, 2018

November Mail

It is always nice to have a post office box crammed full of mail art when you return from a long trip.  And, that is just what I found this week. There was a fold out booklet from Peter Müller, a rubber stamped postcard from William Mellott, a new piece from e. coles in England, and Marina Salmaso must have made a trip from Denmark, because her envelope was mailed from England. In Lithuania, Mindaugas Zuromskas is also making cards with British postage stamps (I have created plenty of work with Her Postal Majesty myself – I get it).  Melissa Wand is turning her post office photos into postcards.  That’s a great idea.  I always tend to photograph small post offices when I am on my road trips. Here is the list of the mail art shown here:
  1. William Mellott– Taiwan
  2. Valdor – Catalunya, Spain  
  3. Kerosene– Québec, Canada
  4. Mindaugas Žuromskas
  5. Melissa Wand – Wisconsin
  6. Fleur Helsingor– California
  7. e. coles – England
  8. Deble Faulkner – California
  9. R.F. Côté– Québec, Canada
  10. Peter Müller – Germany
  11. Marina Salmaso– Denmark
  12. Bonniediva – Illinois 

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