Friday, July 12, 2019

Remembering the VW Beetle

It saddens me that Volkswagen has decided to cease production of the Beetle. I have lived in San Francisco for nearly 30 years without owning a car.  But I have fond memories of zipping around in that orange, 1973, VW Super Beetle during college.  That car was so fast.  I actually have dreams where I still drive that car.  After a trip to Europe, I plastered the back of the car with stickers in various languages, mostly anti-nuclear.  Some were even bought in the gift shopof an occupied building in Kiel, Germany.

To commemorate the Beetle with some mail art, I am mailing out an add-n-pass where the recipients can sticker a VW and, eventually, return these to me.

I you are a mail artist and would like to participate, you can even download a PDF  version of the add-n-pass, print it out, add something, and then mail it to the next artist.

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  1. We had a series of those old bugs (and a VW camper too) back in the day...Frank was our last bug and I am sad to see them go too...