Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Eyes in the Mail

In a bit of shared artistic vision, some of the mail art I recently received featured eyes and I just emphasized eyes in my holiday mailing.  Ans Theo Nelson is turning some of the mail art he receives into small, one-of-a-kind zines and then redistributing the work.  As I have been filling art scrapbooks  with mail art, this idea is tempting. I love maps and I love public transportation, So Karen Clowney Scott’s bear made out of New York City MTA Maps is perfect. And, it is always a treat to get an envelope of mail art from Cuan Miles.
  1. Debra Mulnick – Idaho
  2. William Mellott – Taiwan 
  3. Samantha Price – New Hampshire
  4. Lubomyr Tymkiv - Ukraine 
  5. Robin Sparrow — New Zealand 
  6. Karen Clowney Scott – New York 
  7. Theo Nelson (Republic of Whimsy) – Canada
  8. Cuan Miles – South Africa

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