Wednesday, January 22, 2020

A Handful of Mail

Hands are a recurring theme in and assortment of belated holiday mail as well as some new year’s greeting which arrived in the last few weeks.  They include a piece from Peter Müller which had an enigmatic material glued to it.  Most of it cracked and fell off in transit.  Also, there was a mucky rendition of the swamp from Rebecca Guyver.  A photo and card from Sacramento artist Cherie Hacker. The lamp and table have been photographed in different settings since 2003.  And final, after seeing my post, Katerina Nikoltsou was inspired to make some aerogram-inspired mail art herself.  She started with color copies of original aerograms.  Ones she had mailed to an aunt in Chicago years back.  I am wondering if an aerogram revival is at hand — at least for mail artists.   

The mail shown here includes:
  1. Peter Müller – Germany
  2. Sally Wassink – California 
  3. Maria Quiroga – Argentina 
  4. Debra Mulnick – Idaho
  5. Rebecca Guyver – UK                                
  6. Fleur Helsingor – California 
  7. Jennie Hinchcliff – California 
  8. Kathy Barnett – Missouri
  9. Cherie Hacker – California 
  10. Katerina Nikoltsou - Greece

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