Monday, June 22, 2020

June Mail

Things are far from getting back to normal, but the flow of mail art (sent and received) seems to be picking up.  Mail art does make for some safe, socially distant fun.  A recent trip to the post office box included zines big and small.  Theo Nelson is taking mail he receives and turning pieces into one-of-a-kind zines.  Robin Sparrow’s delicate, shimmering, hand sewn piece made it through the mail all the way from New Zealand.  And it’s good to see things are busy at Gregg Biggs’ Museum of Unclaimed Ephemera.  
The mail shown here includes:
  1. Debra Mulnick – Idaho
  2. Kathy Barnett – Missouri
  3. Gregg Biggs – Museum of Unclaimed Ephemera – California
  4. William Mellott – Taiwan 
  5. Fleur Helsingor - California 
  6. Theo Nelson – Canada
  7. Robin Sparrow — New Zealand 
  8. Dori Singh – California 

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