Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Oakland Museum is Back

I feel like a good friend has come back from a long vacation. The Oakland Museum is back and reopened after it’s remodel. The natural history section is still closed, but art and history are reopened.

I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about the remodel. It was the same feeling one gets if a favorite book is being made into a movie. All you keep asking yourself is, “How are they going to mess it up?”

Last week I got a sneak peak at the member’s preview. It’s fantastic! I was overwhelmed. Sure, over time I might find a few flaws if I look hard enough, but really, I am going to have to look hard.

On Thursday evening, April 29 the museum was crowded with members like myself getting our first look. While I was having fun taking photos and trying to take it all in, what my camera didn’t capture was the look of excitement on so many faces. If there was a Christmas morning for museum nerds, we sure had it that night.

The Oakland Museum is still overlooked in the Bay Area museum world, but it always seems, for those of us who know and love it, we really know what a treasure we have. The one word that captures the renewed museum best of all is - dynamic!

I have to load up the BART ticket and start spending more time taking it all in.

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