Sunday, May 23, 2010

Re-) Claim at SOMArts

Caught a nice show at SOMArts this afternoon that is closing on May 28. The show is collaboration with APICC part of the annual United States of Asian America Festival.

The "official" description is below. I especially recommend checking out Vickie Lew's Mandala (l) and Truong Tran's 900 Cootie Catchers.

Of course I am especially partial to any contemporary work involving a mandala theme.


(Re-) Claim presents the work of Mark Baugh-Sasaki; Kathy Fuji-Oka; Su-Chen Hung; Christina Mazza; Judy Shintani and Truong Tran in a critical investigation into the discarded objects of the everyday or what gets left behind and the redemptive process that renders an object “fundamentally new.” How does detritus reveal the imprint of its locality and the residue of human lives? This exhibition locates the self in poetic, imaginary as well as ecological modes and gives voice to moments personal and historical by re-framing the present. In a time of frugality and perceived scarcity- the impetus that nothing shall be discarded also includes stories, history, memory and ultimately, our deep interconnections.

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