Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My best Christmas present

Yesterday I received this swell little piece of folk art. I love it. If it doesn’t use old maps, you always need to use old postage stamps. At first I thought it was made by some crafty, hipster up in Portland. But it gets better — It’s “souvenir” folk art made by Franciscan nuns in Québec. The images of Queen Elizabeth on the stamps look 1960’s but there is no date. No signature, only the initials “RL” for the artist and “FMM” for Franciscaines Missionaires De Marie.

I am looking for more information online about this stamp collage. Folk art, if anyone has any leads….


  1. These small pictures were made by the Franciscaines nuns to finance their missionary activities in Africa. These were sold in the Quebec City area from the early 30`s to the late 60`s. I`ve been collecting these for 20 years now and have approx 50 in my collection. Very easy to get hooked on. If you need anymore info please let me know. James

    1. Seeing these posts is so exciting! My dad was Québécois, and his aunts were Franciscan nuns. My Great-Aunt Antoinette was one of the very prolific artists. Her works are signed AR FMM. She and her two sisters served many years in China as missionaries. If anybody has pieces signed by her, I would love to exchange some photos. I have three and have loved them since I was a girl. Merci! Beth

  2. I just came across a web page that describes the Franciscaines Missionaires de Marie art: http://lyleelderfolkart.com/artist-bios/franciscaines-missionnaires-de-marie