Friday, June 1, 2012

My new mail art project

Millennia Mail Art Project

I have always been fascinated by cutaway, side view illustrations of the Earth.  One reason is because they illustrate the passage of time. They show the building up of layers of Earth, year after year.   I always like going to places where those layers have been cutaway in nature.  This is why I return to the Grand Canyon year after year. It's a place that is both stunningly beautiful and it is a place where the Colorado River has exposed the millennia.

These layered images have inspired my new mail art project. The idea is that each artist will contribute a layer of art to a card.  As different artists add to the cards, the layers will build up.  Somewhat like in the images shown above.  After they have completed their layer, artists are asked to send the card on to another artist. The end result will be a series of collaborative mail art pieces. Each one will be created by at least five different artists.

Project Instructions

1) When receive one of the cards, please fill in the next available layer with some of your work.
2) Add your name on the back of the card with the number for the layer you completed.
3) Send, mail or give the card to another artist so they can complete the next layer.
4) If you have finished the last layer, please mail the card back to:

P.O. Box 170681
San Francisco, CA 94117

When the cards are returned, they will be added to a website.

If you would like to receive a blank card, please email me or just send one of your cards to the address above. 

For more about the project see

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