Monday, July 9, 2012

Oh my Gosh!

Map of California’s Gold, mixed media on canvas, 20”x20”

Let’s say you want to prospect for gold in California.  Well, you’ll need a map.  I started  with a big pile of California maps that would include pages from old atlases, road maps, topographic maps and ones I picked up at visits to state parks.  Try cutting them all up and putting them back together to see what happens.  I did and I ended up with a portrait of Huell Howser! 

For those of you who are Californians, you know that our Huell is world famous.  I’ve been to countless places featured on his show California’s Gold and even discovered a few places courtesy of Huell.  Without him I might never have found Glass Beach in Fort Bragg.  That road trip lead to a whole series of beach glass paintings a few years back.  Huell Howser’s is one of the most likeable people in California and his enthusiasm for this wonderful place we live is truly infectious.  And, after watching something grim on the evening news, nothing is a better antidote than a bit of California’s Gold.

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