Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oh the amazing things I get in the mail

It started quite innocently for me.  Back in December 2010 I did a piece of art that I mailed in 62 separate parts as the year ended.  As 2011 was winding down, I decided to ask for postcards to use in the first piece of 2012.  That’s when it started to get out of control – in a very good way. 

I continue to get the coolest things in my mailbox.  Below are some of the recent arrivals.

Two Cards from Jennie Hinchliff at Red Letter Day and one from Carroll (aka dumpsterdiersanonymous on flickr.)

Eni Ilis sent me a couple of slightly enigmatic and groovy pieces of Brazilian mail art.

David Stanley Aponte tried to send me something from Berlin.  It arrived in a tidy plastic bag from the good people at Deutsche Post – Die Sendung wurde leider beschädigt – indeed!  A handmade card from a band named Trick Sensei came from Portland in much better condition.

In some cases the envelopes are as cool as the contents.  Eduardo Cardoso returned some Millennia Mail Art all the way from Portugal and Janie Pinterits sent this just across the Bay.

Another cool postcard from arlikeart in Florida and finally a postcard from the Hilarious Assistant Principal of Staten Island.  

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