Monday, October 14, 2013

A.P.E. 2013

The Alternative Press Expo (A.P.E.) is always a don’t miss and this year didn’t disappoint.  There is always an opportunity to see some familiar faces as well as make some new discoveries.  It’s also a chance to meet and talk to artists and authors, from the famous like Bill Griffith to the soon to be famous.  The show changes over time.  Felt art seems to have vanished and crocheted characters are definitely on the decline.  Benedict Cumberbatch fan art is understandably big – my favorite was this little book Let’s Learn the Alphabet with Actor Benedict Cumberbatch. 

Some of my favorite new “discoveries” (links below):
  • Jesse Cowan’s Little Wolf Comic.
  • Joan Wirolinggo’s illustration work, I got a little penguin myself. 
  • Tu-Anh Nguyen’s Awkward Boobies (as in the birds),
  • Estrella Vega was showing off some beautiful prints of her work.
  • Though my favorite this year was Chris Koehler’s series of zodiac prints based on his illustrations and then overlaid with the constellation map for the corresponding sign of the zodiac.

 Next year’s show is moving to Fort Mason, so mark you calendar for 2014.

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