Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ceramics in Civic Center

I can’t spend the whole day at my table making art, well actually I can.  But on a sunny October day I felt compelled to get out, take a little walk and some fresh air.  I found myself down in Civic Center where I happened onto an outdoor show called Ceramics Annual of America.  It’s free, accessible and out there for everyone to enjoy.  The work of most of the participating artists can be previewed on the event site. 

There was plenty of quality work filling the center of Civic Center Plaza and two outstanding artists caught my eye: 
  • Katherine Dube’s work is all about grids, circles and patterns, many of my favorite elements.  If I was to head into ceramics I suspect I might end up in a similar place.  Her wall installation Bloom is shown above and more details can be seen on her website.
  • Calvin Ma’s work was my favorite in the show.  He was showing work from his Homebodies Series (they all can been on his website) and two are shown above. 

The CAA show had plenty of well done, but dare I say, predictable whimsical ceramics.  The kind of things that fill galleries in places like Sausalito and Carmel – nice, but nothing I that feels new since about 1974.  What struck me about Calvin’s work is that he is building on that tradition but taking in a new direction fusing in the look of contemporary animated imagery but still creating something unique.  I wish a piece of his work was in my budget, because something tells me it’s destine to be picked up by serious collectors and museums.  If they were giving out awards, it would be the best in show.  

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