Thursday, December 19, 2013

celebrate • share • create

As 2013 winds down it is the season to send out my holiday card.  This year each envelope included a postcard with an image of some new collagescape work, and a small glassine envelope with an original piece of collagescape approximately 1.25 inches square.

The back of the postcard had the following message:

When I spread my art around the world, I often use the metaphor of opening a packet of seeds and scattering them around a garden.
I never can be certain where my art will grow. 
·      How will others react to it?
·      Who will appreciate it?
·      Where will my art end up? 
With that idea in mind, I am celebrating the holidays by sharing small pieces of art — sending art seeds around the world to grow in the New Year.  May the coming year be filled with art.

Be inspired to be creative, express yourself and share your talents with the world!


  1. Tofu--thank you for the card and 'seed'. It will definitely sprout somewhere across the globe. Happy holidays and a creative new year to you!

  2. I received this delightful email from a friend in response to the card:
    "I hope you don't mind, but I cut my piece in half and sent the other half off to Zambia with a friend who was going there. While there, she will give it to an artist friend of mine there. I just did not want to part with the whole thing."