Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Seeds are Growing

My holiday card and art seeds have been sent all over the world and, though it wasn’t the specific plan, some are coming back to me incorporated into new art.

RF Côté incorporated the art seed into a postcard that came back from Québec.  Suus in Mokum went three-dimensional and added some crochet action.  Artist in Seine (aka Mark Dean) got my piece.  What came back was a global collage with bits from England, France, Turkey and Iraq.  It came through the mail as is, with air freshener glued to it.  A note indicates that the air freshener was found on the streets of Baghdad.  I am slightly embarrassed to report that the air freshener made it all that way only to become detached in my backpack on the way home from the post office – I have since reattached it.  

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