Saturday, August 30, 2014

August Mail

It’s the end of August in San Francisco and summer is finally here, (we tend to do that season in September and October). Visitors continue to stream into Glama Rama to see the show and all the while I am busy sending out some new mail art.  The PO Box is filling with fun things too, including these pieces (shown above):
  1. E. Coles sends a new piece from Bath in the U.K. and asks, “How many times can you use a tea bag?”  I believe a few were used in creating this piece.
  2. A new piece arrived from Sandra Lefever.  Pink seems to be a theme this month. 
  3. Mim Golub sends a new piece from Virginia where she is trying out water colors and yet reminds me a bit of tea bag art.
  4. I always like anything Lotería-themed including this new piece from Dori Singh down in Southern California.   Perhaps a Lotería-themed mail art show needs to happen.
  5. Diane Keys is keeping the pink going with her latest piece. 
  6. I wonder if the parking lot tickets that Jennifer Utter used were all parking she paid for in San Francisco.  It’s a city where $25 per hour can actually happen in some lots and garages. 
  7. And finally an Aegean Sea piece from Katerina Nikoltsou in Greece in response to my Lake Erie series.

Thanks for all the cool mail – time to send out more soon….

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