Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holiday Mail - I love December

My. P.O. Box, and even my home mailbox, have both been filling up with all sorts of holiday fun this month (and we still have nearly half a month to go).  Some of the latest treats include:
  1. Poland has a long tradition of paper arts and Karen Scott knows my love of maps well.   It comes together with Karen’s beautiful paper star made from New York MTA maps.
  2. Adrienne Mason  sent a handmade book from up in British Columbia that is outstanding. 
  3. Fleur Helsingor December piece is sidewalk, photo collage and homage to Oakland – my second-favorite city in the Bay Area.
  4. Dorothy Yuki sent a lovely hand-printed New Year’s card (the scan can’t do it justice).
  5. E. Coles sent me a piece from her Routes series that is exploring time, length and travel.  Again, the scanner can’t do it justice to show the texture and added hand stitching of the piece.  One of these days I need to have an exhibit just to show off all the mazing work I received in the mail.
  6. And finally, I received a calendar from Todd Young.  It chronicles this year’s art installations he created on the security gate of his home on Page Street in San Francisco.  Read an article about those here.  Todd is an artist who is helping keeping San Francisco weird, fabulous and fun.  He is a friend and a treasure.  Just go down Page Street between Laguna and Octavia, you can’t miss his house.

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