Wednesday, December 31, 2014

That horrid little bag

It is always sad to receive mail in in one of those little sorry-the-machine-ate-your-mail plastic bags from the post office.  Yesterday, I found the latest piece from the Artist in Seine (aka Dean Marks) had arrived from France in just one of those bags.  This one put on by the post office in Reno.  Well at least now I know my international mail arrives in San Francisco via Reno.

Dean always sends amazingly elaborate pieces and I am often surprised they make it through.  I actually think this latest one is intact – I suspect the pharmaceutical theme might have just raised some eyebrows up there in Reno.  I love it and will keep it out of reach of children.

1 comment:

  1. Happy it arrived and hope there is enough to go around to all your friends.
    I was told to get rid of them because they were out of date. For People that is and not for Mail Art. Take two and call me in the morning!