Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It’s always worth a trip to Sacramento

Muir Woods Redwoods, William S. Rice, c. 1920

Today was the day for day trip up to Sacramento and a return to Crocker Art Museum.  It’s worth it just to revisit their Elmer Bischoffs, Maynard Dixons and tasty Wayne Thiebauds among the highlights of the permanent collection.  But the added bonus is two stellar special exhibits that went up last month and run through May 17th. 
  • Of Cottages and Castles: The Art of California Faience - I can never get enough from the California take on Arts and Crafts Movement a century ago.  The work of ceramic artists William Bragdon and Chauncey Thomas are featured in this show along with tiles designed by the architect Julia Morgan.
  • The Nature of William S. Rice - A two-room show that itself is worth the trip.  A mix of his block prints and watercolors mostly California landscapes with some flora added to the mix.  Influenced by ukiyo-e,  classical Japanese woodblock printing, but applied to California themes

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