Sunday, March 22, 2015

March Mailness

More things from all over the planet, near and far, have been appearing in my P.O. Box:
  1. Cernjul Viviana sends a valentine from Argentina.
  2. Meral Agar’s latest piece sparkles in 3D with plants affixed to the card and then painted.
  3. Tactile and lovely from Dori Singh with the Jeremiah Howell quote: “Letters are the winged messengers that can fly from east to west on embassies of love.”
  4. Fleur Helsingor sent another image capturing the cool sidewalks of Oakland.
  5. A card arrived from Gregg Biggs, the curator of the Museum of Unclaimed Ephemera.
  6. And finally Adrienne Mason’s card R9 came down from British Columbia.

Thank you everyone, it always makes it worth walking up to Clayton Street.

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