Thursday, June 11, 2015

Call for Pink Mail Art

Pink Postcards for Pink Week
In celebration of the 22nd Annual Pink Week this year’s event will include a Pink Mail Art Show.  Work will be exhibited at the Warehouse Artist Lofts (WAL) in Sacramento, California 
From October 31 to November 29, 2015 
Revised Dates - From November 13 to December 10, 2015
Opening Reception - Saturday, November 14, 6-9 pm

Pink is a color, not a cause.
Learn more about Pink Week at

  • Theme: Open, but the dominant color should be pink.
  • Size: All pieces must be postcard size, (i.e. A6), maximum 4.25” x 6” (10.15 cm x 15.25 cm)
  • All works must be sent in the mail as a postcard (no envelopes)
  • No fees, no jury, no return, limit one per artist
  • Please be sure to label your work with your name and address
  • Keep in mind the venue is a public, family friendly space.  Any work deemed inappropriate will not be exhibited. 
  • Deadline: All work must be postmarked by September 30, 2015
  • Send your mail art to:
    Pink Mail Art
    c/o Tofu
    P.O. Box 170681
    San Francisco, CA 94117 USA

    Some of the work for the show can be seen on this Pink Mail Flickr Page


  1. A big thank you to everyone who has sent in pink mail art for the show. We have nearly 200 artists.

    Special Notes to participating artists:

    As you may have noticed I have been posting your work on tumblr, flickr and pinterest. The nature of mail art is such that I sometimes receive anonymous mail art, or pieces with nicknames, first names only or just initials. And like myself, some of you have illegible handwriting so I am not sure who you are. If I got it wrong and need to make a name correction, please email me via

    Also, all pieces will be hung with a horizontal orientation, unless the image makes it obvious that they are meant to be vertical. Or, when your signature on the front of the card makes it clear how to orient the piece. If I have posted your piece and it is not as you intended it to be oriented, please email me via and let me know the correct way to orient the piece. And, if your work is abstract, I will need clear instructions which way you intended for it to be oriented.

  2. If you are a Facebook user, you may want to share the opening event with your contacts.

  3. Follow this blog for details about upcoming events for the show. And if you are in the Sacramento Area, mark your calendars for Thursday, November 12, 2015 from 6-8 pm
    The San Francisco Correspondence Coop is coming up to the Crocker Museum. We'll be making some mail art and invite you to join in.

  4. The show is happening again in 2016, for details including where to send you new piece of pink mail art, see: